Caregiving Quick Tip #5

Keep a diary or journal!

Caregiving fosters an isolating environment by creating a noticeable social barrier. Daily demands leave minimal time for parties or gatherings. Lack of respite care and family involvement promotes an unhealthy, lonesome atmosphere. Combating social isolation is daunting and seemingly impossible. Scribbling your thoughts in a diary or journal can provide some relief from your lonely reality.

  • Record your daily thoughts and concerns.
  • Log your future hopes and dreams.
  • Compliment yourself daily.
  • List your positive attributes.
  • Recognize your self-worth.
  • Describe your feelings and emotions.
  • Cry into the pages if no one else is listening.
  • Give and take credit for a job well done. Allow yourself to feel happy, if only for 10 minutes.
  • Reminisce of life before caregiving.
  • Compare your pre-caregiving self to now. How have you grown and matured? Are your wants and needs still the same? Do you view life differently? Are you less carefree and more responsible? How has caregiving shaped you as an individual? Have you grown spiritually?

Recording your feelings in a journal allows for an emotional escape from the four walls controlling your life. Let your mind wander! Express your thoughts and fantasies. Allow the journal to be your social release. Besides, when you talk to yourself, you’re always right! Take care! Good luck!


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