Caregiving Quick Tip #4

Encourage, Don’t Discourage!

Caregivers are willing to ambitiously accept a vast array of responsibilities in order to provide exceptional care for loved-ones, friends, or patients. This caring nature often causes excessive dependence among care-recipients. Discouraging independence fosters mental decline, loss of self-confidence, and feelings of worthlessness. Encourage, don’t discourage, care-recipient independence.

  • Encourage involvement in health care discussions. Regardless of ailment, age, or mental status, they’re present in the current situation. Value their opinions!
  • Allow active participation in daily tasks and chores, ie. folding laundry, organizing medications, unpacking groceries, combing hair, dressing, etc… Don’t discourage helpfulness. Reassure care-recipients of their usefulness and positive contributions to the present lifestyle.
  • Support mental independence by arranging cognitive activities encouraging critical thinking and exercising fine motor skills.
  • Urge socialization through technology. Allow care-recipients to connect with family and friends via tablet, phone, or other devices.
  • Assist with mental stimulation by encouraging reading and other interesting hobbies.
  • Invigorate the care-recipient through friendly debates and discussions involving daily current events. Listen to their input and concerns.
  • Motivate by praising shown progress.

Feelings of usefulness boost self-confidence and mental competency. Create a quality care environment by promoting physical and mental independence. Thank you for reading! Take care!


6 thoughts on “Caregiving Quick Tip #4

    1. ThePineyChemist says:

      Thank you! That was my usual method….do everything then burn out. Caregiving drastically changed my mentality! Stepping back and allowing independence reduced daily stress. Besides, everyone wants to be useful! Thank you for looking in! It’s always nice hearing from you!

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  1. placeofrestblog says:

    Caregiving is for the person, not the house they live in. I am so grateful to hear these words of wisdom coming from your youthful lips. Caregiving is useless is the person cared for is ignored. This person must be treated as a close friend, an ally, like you treated your Grandmother. These people are lonely, and dealing with the fact that they have to rely on others. Don’t make their reliance on you something that glares, but make it a thing that’s joyful. Love that person. Talk to that person. Form an alliance with that person that creates a bond. An unbreakable bond.

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    1. ThePineyChemist says:

      You’re very right! Regardless of age, ailment, mental or physical status, people have feelings and needs. A feeling of uselessness results in hopelessness. Hopelessness results in feelings of depression. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle. Everyone, especially the care-recipient, must be appreciated!

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