Caregiving Quick Tip #3

Stay stylish!

Care-recipients may feel inferior because of age or illness, but their inner youth enjoys a well-groomed appearance. Enhance mood and self-confidence by incorporating exceptional grooming and styling habits into your daily schedule.

  • Start the day with a simple hygiene routine. Bathe, brush teeth, wash hair, etc.
  • Comb and style the hair. A quick wash and set is always well-received by elderly women. Ask thoughts on a new hairstyle….just to change things up!
  • Men and women can benefit from routine eyebrow and nail maintenance. Keep those brows and nails looking their best! Have an activity day for painting and grooming nails. Get everyone involved!
  • Dress the care-recipient in clean, stylish clothes. Buy colors complimenting hair, eyes, and skin tone. If comfy sweats and PJ’s are the only option, look for upbeat patterns and catchy colors. Fluctuating weight can be discouraging for the care-recipient. Keep clothing current by updating size!
  • Buy shoes that are comfy, but fashionable. Flats and slip-on’s are an obvious choice. If slippers are preferred, opt for snazzy patterns or bright colored socks. Stay trendy!
  • Accessorize with simple jewelry. A necklace or earrings can make a woman feel composed and complete. Men may prefer wristwatches and belts for daily glam.
  • Finish off your fashion session with a little makeup, perfume, or cologne.

An attractive, complete appearance helps boost mood, self-confidence and gives an overall sense of wellness. Integrate simple grooming habits into your caregiving routine. Take time to compliment and remind care-recipients of their beauty and handsomeness. Create a positive, nurturing care environment. Thank you for reading! Please share!


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