Caregiving Quick Tip #1

Get and stay organized!

Caregivers are responsible for the well-being of care-recipients. Hectic schedules are bombarded by never ending lists of demands. Daily tasks can include balancing finances, maintaining medical records, addressing health-care concerns, updating medication lists, completing household errands, attending educational functions, and arranging doctors appointments. Many caregivers perform these tasks in both the care-recipient’s and their own household. Avoid overwhelming mental exhaustion and create a functional environment by practicing good organizational skills.

  • File bills and investments according to household.
  • Log due dates and investment meetings.
  • Categorize medical records and appointments by doctor.
  • Create a list of questions for physicians regarding health-care concerns.
  • Keep medication lists updated and in convenient locations.
  • Make a list of household errands and chores.
  • Meal prep if time allows.
  • Mark and keep a detailed calendar with doctors appointments, children’s school functions, and career meetings.

Keep caregiving’s unavoidable stress to a minimum and regain sanity by creating an organized, functional environment. Take care and please share!


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