Technology is Beneficial….Caregiving Apps

Reading articles emphasizing the benefits of technology in caregiving motivated me to learn more about caregiving apps. When my caregiving journey began, cell phones were in their infant stages and apps were non-existent. Cell phones now occupy most households and allow people to browse the internet, research questionable topics, and engage in social networking from any location. Applying technology to home healthcare integrates balance and organization into caregivers’ hectic schedules. Below is a list of caregiving websites with downloadable apps for your browsing enjoyment.

  1. CareZone
  2. CaringBridge
  3. LotsaHelpingHands
  6. Symple
  7. Pacifica
  8. GreatCall
  9. CaringVillage
  10. eCare21
  11. Medisafe
  12. Evernote
  13. WebMD
  14. PainScale
  15. Stress is Gone, LLC.
  16. Personalized Dimentia Solutions Inc.
  17. mymeds

Utilize these available resources and make life less erratic. Please share!


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