Question for the Caregiver

What’s your first thought when you wake in the morning?


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I'm just your average thirty-something woman, living in Small Town, USA. I graduated college with a B.S. Degree in Chemistry in 2008. While pursuing my passion for Chemistry, my life took an unexpected turn and I became my grandmother's 24-hour caregiver....for 11 years. During this time, I married and became a very independent woman. The Piney Chemist combines my love of Chemistry with eventful life experiences. It's Chemistry, caregiving, and me!

2 thoughts on “Question for the Caregiver”

    1. AGREED! That’s a question I ask often! And it’s usually followed by, “Geez it’s only….” Lol Thank you for the response. If your life starts pointing in the “caregiving” direction, make a game-plan early on. Plan ahead!! Take care!!

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