Psst! Question….why are you a caregiver?

Why are you a caregiver?


19 thoughts on “Psst! Question….why are you a caregiver?

  1. I am a caregiver because I married a guy whose mom was a schizophrenic and he, a patient of Bi Polar disorder. It was really really difficult, facing it all, but I decided to stay and care for them, and face whatever Life had in store for me, rather than quit and leave.

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      1. Yes, my mother-in-law was suffering from schizophrenia for many many years before I got married and hubby had had an episode of bi polar, but apparently wasn’t aware that it was a mental illness that would strike again someday.

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      2. I asked because I wanted to bring attention to your unselfish act. You married your husband knowing caregiving would be in your future. Many would’ve not accepted responsibility so gracefully. Thank you for your response!

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      3. Oh no. . I was not aware of either illnesses when I got married . I learned about these after marriage. But, I stayed for the simple reason that my hubby is a nice guy….moreover, we do vow to stay together in sickness and in health when we get married. It was a struggle, no doubt. It still is.. .But, that’s Life! We can’t escape anything, can we? 😊

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      4. I’m sorry for misunderstanding! It’s still a valuable lesson. Even after learning of the health concerns you chose to stay. I’ve encountered circumstances where people learn of their spouse’s health condition and leave for fear of caregiving responsibilities. But, everyone has their reasons! And yes….that’s life! Sometimes we can’t escape our life path! Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding! Thank you for clearing everything up!

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      1. Wow! Great point! When referring to caregiving, we sometimes assume the caregiver has no health concerns of their own. Your story proves that assumption wrong. You’re caregiving while coping with your own health concerns. That’s AMAZING! You’re an inspiration! Thank you!

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    1. My caregiving journey ended 3 years ago when my grandmother passed. So, why am I blogging about caregiving? I hope that my experiences and found knowledge can help others with their own journey. I’m married with two pups….have my caregiving duties ended? Lol Thank you for your response! Wishing you luck!

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