Holiday Gifts for that Special Senior in Your Life

Finding a perfect holiday gift can be mind-boggling, especially when the gift is for an elder.  What do you buy your aging parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles?  While caregiving, I did A LOT of successful and unsuccessful holiday shopping for my grandmother.  These are my TOP 10 gift suggestions for your elderly loved-ones this holiday season.

  1. Framed Family Photo/Digital Photo Frame
  2. Favorite Record Album
  3. Heated Throw Blanket
  4. Monogrammed Pajamas
  5. His/Her Slippers
  6. Pillow Massager
  7. Digital Reader
  8. Robot Vacuum
  9. No-Install Grab Bar

The elderly, like everyone, enjoy being noticed and appreciated.  The greatest gift of all is devoting a few spare minutes to that special senior in your life.  Let them know they’re not forgotten.  A visit and chat is cherished more than an expensive gift.  Take time to express your appreciation this holiday season.  What are your favorite holiday gifts for aging loved-ones?  Let me know by leaving a comment!  Thank you and happy shopping! 


4 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts for that Special Senior in Your Life

  1. placeofrestblog says:

    My father, as he got older, decried presents in general from the family, although he accepted them gracefully enough from our friends. So for Christmas, my daughter, Dessie and I, and sometimes my other daughter, Sherry, would bake cookies. Daddy enjoyed sweets. After Daddy was in the nursing home, Dessie and I took Christmas dinner to him and spent the day. We made a pecan pie for dessert, since Daddy had been wanting this culinary delight. I broke the pecans, then Dessie and I took turns hammering them down between pieces of waxed paper as Daddy had taken out his top dentures. We also prepared the rest of the meal with dishes we knew he would love-and he did! We also took music. I took my portable stereo and got Sherry to help. Since Daddy loved me and Dessie, it was a lovely day. Especially the music. They had put Daddy in a Gerry chair, and he always looked despondent. But when the music started, he sat up, alive again. I left my stereo and music with him. He was a wonderful father. This is how I presented my love to him for Christmas.

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    1. ThePineyChemist says:

      Gifts from the heart are always well-received during the holidays! Aging loved-ones like to know they’re appreciated. With hectic lifestyles we sometimes forget to remind them of their importance. YES….MUSIC!!! My grandmother loved music. She was so joyful when her favorite tune was playing! Thank you for your comment! I love hearing your story!


  2. placeofrestblog says:

    I always say, find out what someone really likes and misses about their old, independent life and address that with a present. Joann, who is in charge of activities here, did that for me. I enjoy crocheting. Joann went out of her way to buy some pretty yarn for me. Unfortunately, Beth, the social worker who harasses me, has had me put on B hall where scissors are not allowed. So I cannot crochet now. Beth does not care for residents, and residents know it. Anyway, anything to make the elderly feel independent.

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    1. ThePineyChemist says:

      I agree….remind someone of the “good” times. It lifts their spirits and brings back fond memories! I’m sorry certain circumstances don’t allow you to crochet. As always, thank you for your heart-felt response!


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