Why do I blog?

I consider my life to be quite dull.  I’m neither a professional writer nor a successful entrepreneur.  My crafting and culinary arts skills are average.  I appreciate philosophy, but am far from being a philosopher.  I enjoy a juicy celebrity scandal, but am not an entertainment or gaming junkie.  I’m an average Jane living in rural New Jersey with my husband and two dogs.  So, what can I contribute to the blogging world?  With so many talented people posting informative articles each day, why do I blog?

1.)  Help Others

Why should you find out the hard-way, when I’ve already made the mistakes?  The initial focus of my blog was to simplify my passion….Chemistry.  My educational career was littered with numerous Chemistry courses.  I’ve used my blog as a platform to help students understand this complex subject by stressing its life importance and simplifying study techniques.  This knowledge was discovered through trial and error.  I’ve done the hard part so you can reap the reward!

The same thought process was applied when explaining the difficulties of caregiving.  I’ve already experienced caregiver stress and its health effects.  My posts focus on stress prevention and successful caregiving strategies.  I’ve been given the opportunity to prepare you for upcoming struggles.  Learn from my mistakes!

2.)  Provide Security

Average people still exist in society.  We have modest homes and incomes.  All of us aren’t professionals and struggle with subject comprehension.  Aging loved-ones losing their independence is a common struggle faced by many families.  Stay-at-home caregivers do exist and families can survive on a single income.  I want you to realize we have similar real-life struggles! 

 3.)  Clear the Mind

Blogging every week enables me to clear my mind and focus on the here-and-now, not the what-if’s.  Although my experiences are not monumental, they have served a distinct purpose and helped shape my character.  Writing allows me to physically see the logic in past decision-making.  That logic steers my future direction.  I look back in order to move forward!

Hopefully my amateur blog gives insight into some of our shared life experiences.  I’m not writing to impress, but to voice average people’s struggles.  From college to caregiving….life is hard!  Let my learned knowledge make your life a little easier.  Thank you for looking in!  Take care.  


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